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Běhej Lesy Karlštejn run

02.06. 2017

During last weekend The CDL SYSTEM running team attended to another difficult sport challenge. The temperatures were over 30 degrees of Celsius. Dusty, narrow and steep roads with 2000 contenders pushed our runners to their limits. The Běhej Lesy Karlštejn run tested both physical and mental abilities of our team. Whereas Teta Ola Hlavsová fought bravely with 12 km track, our men underwent honest 19 km of hell. As seen on the attached photos their exhaustion was extreme. They suffered from overheating, convulsions and weariness but all of it was replaced quickly by joy and good feelings from well-done work and nice running contest in charming countryside of castle Karlštejn. Woods, meadows, flooded quarry Velká Amerika and one of the most beautiful castles in Czech republic provided perfect environment and atmosphere which was worth of the challenge and all described suffering….