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I started working for CDL more than twenty years ago – by a coincidence. I was looking for a job but not very hard as I was fresh from school. I visited a friend at CDL, which was a small company then, and I accidently overheard one of the managers in the hall talking about looking for a technician. I asked him about the job and a week later, I was a member of the team. I quickly realised that this team was going to be great. In addition to interesting work, the environment was friendly, almost like a family. They all accepted me without any issues and even though I was “the young one” for many years, most of my colleagues became my friends – and they still are, even if they no longer work here. I gradually moved up in the company, learned a lot of new things, saw a lot of new places, and had a lot of fun at informal events. There is always someone and something that will help you out of a stressful situation… where else can you have a homemade pancake, enjoy a cup of excellent coffee on a couch and relax playing console races on a large screen, or a table soccer.

A lot has changed in the many years I have been a part of CDL, but some things remain the same. We are a still a family, in spite of being bigger.